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23 KG Gold & its Connection with the BJP

Raxaul is an Assembly Constituency in the PurviChamparan District of Bihar, it shares an international boundary with the neighbouring country Nepal and is also infamous for large scale cross border smuggling of several goods. Interestingly BJP’s Ajay Singh Ji has won the last 5 elections held on this seat irrespective of any alliance in Patna and this explains his dominance in the region but the Candidate announcement from the BJP came as a shocker to both Ajay Singh & his supporters when the party denied him a ticket and instead chose JDU’s District President.

Heartbroken Ajay Singh was quick enough to level allegations against the BJP State Leadership to have sold the seat in return for INR 3 Cr which spread quickly and people trusted him because there was no other major reason to deny ticket to a sitting MLA who has won 5 elections straight and this helped him gain the sympathy of the voters and he decided to contest on BSP ticket. While the rumours of the Assembly Seat being sold for 3 Cr was still fresh, Birgunj Police (a City in Neighbouring Nepal) seized 23KG gold in the house of BJP Candidate Pramod Sinha’s Brother, Ashok Sinha’s residence and also speculated that all of this was supposed to be spent in Bihar Election. This incident further strengthened the allegation against the BJP Leadership.

Although the internal conflict had put the BJP on backfoot, a similar conflict occurred in the opposition camp where as a part of the Seat Sharing Agreement this seat went to INC and this made the RJD Candidate Suresh Kumar Yadav restless who lost in the 2015 Assembly election and was constantly active throughout 5 years and his followers asked him to contest independently and banking of his.

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Internal conflict in both the camps has made it a 4-way fight on this seat and it is really difficult to predict who would be able to capture this seat but with allegations of selling the seat, the BJP leadership is very serious about converting and all the top leadership have been campaigning hard to retain this seat. Only the results of the Bihar Elections would be able to answer who has been able to claim this seat.

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