Each Assembly Elections has several high profile seats and Bihar Assembly Election is no exception to it but out of all the high profile seats, these two seats would see the Next Gen of veteran politicians trying their electoral luck to win from these seats. The first one being the Kahalgaon Assembly Constituency in the Bhagalpur District. This constituency was formed in 2008 following the recommendation of the delimitation committee and Congress’ Veteran Politician Shri Sadanand Singh Ji has won this seat both in 2010 & 2015 irrespective of the alliance in place. He has won an election from this region about 9 times now and this time he has passed on the baton to his son Shubhanand Mukesh who would be contesting his first election on INC’s Ticket and as a Mahagathbandhan (MGB) candidate from the same seat. Looking at his father’s hold in the constituency one can say that this would be a comfortable victory for the young leader but there are certain concerns too that are valid and the biggest of them being that the people are now looking for a new face from a different party as they have been seeing the same leader for the past 35-40 years now hence the young leader will have to beat the slightest of the anti-incumbency built against his father. The second important concern is lack of experience / valid credential other than being the son of a veteran leader as people have not seen him much in the constituency and feel that he is getting undue advantage of being a son of a veteran politician & he would have to come out of the allegation of having been promoting nepotism and try to prove himself among the voters but irrespective of what voters think, on the 10th of November it would be clear how grave are these concerns or the voters have accepted the son of their leader.

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Another such constituency is the Makhdumpur Assembly Constituency in the Jehanadbad District where Ex-CM Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi’s Son in Law Shri Devender Manjhi is trying his luck. However, this seat doesn’t seem to be that easy for him and even Senior Manjhi had to taste a defeat from this seat in the previous bihar assembly election. This seat has about ~30% of MY votes and all consolidated in favor of the MGB along with a large section of the SC voters are Supporting the MGB candidate as he comes from the Rabidas Community & also people in the region give credit to Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav for their social upliftment and has a special place in their hearts. All of this along with the inexperienced tag would make it tough for Shri Devender Manjhi to win this seat. However, all speculations can be put to an end only when the box of fate opens on the 10th of November and with the Bihar Election results, we will get to know who have the voters chosen & who has been rejected.

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