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Rajinikanth’s dive into politics, what could the resulting ripples be

On December 3rd , Super Star Rajinikanth announced that he will be launching his political party, ending years of anticipation and speculation, he intends to announce a January 2021 launch date for the party on 31st December 2020.

Chatter about Rajinikanth setting his foot in politics in 1996, when he first expressed his thoughts against then Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa; he would claim later that it was his comments that weakened her in the polls that year. Prior to that, he had a decimated his relationship with Chief Minister and AIADMK founder M G Ramachandran who is himself an actor.

His first definitive statement about joining politics, came only on December 31, 2017. In March this year, he said he would not contest in elections. He then stated that“he would have to be a lunatic to have a thirst for power at age 70 if he didn’t have it when he was 45” (in 1996).

After announcing his decision (2020), he stated there will be a change. “Everything is fate. This election is going to change the fate of Tamil Nadu. If I win, that shall be a victory for the people, and if I fail, that too also belongs to them. I will change everything, everything!”

TamilaruviManian, The political advisor to actor-politician Rajinikanth, has said that their political party, which will be launching in January next year, we will contend for all 234 seats in the upcoming Assembly elections.

While speaking to journalists and reporters present in the city, Manian said, "We will contend on all 234 seats in Assembly elections. Our politics will be spiritual politics unalike the politics taking place now, spewing hatred and hostility, currently being practised. We won’t be slamming anybody."

In a concise statement posted on Twitter, Rajinikanth said that his party would be an active member of the Assembly election in 2021 and "emerge victorious".

It is perceived as unlikely that Rajinikanth will lure smaller parties into his new alliance. Parties such as CPM, CPI, VCK and Vaiko’s MDMK will not abandon the DMK alliance unless grave disputes turn up over seat-sharing. Yet, the possibility of AIADMK-NDA ally, PMK, and Vijayakanth’sdwindling DMDK allying with Rajinikanth cannot be overlooked altogether.

On Thursday and January 2018, Rajinikanth said his stated that his party would aim for “spiritual politics”, which he expressed as being corruption-free and honest. However, the word “spiritual” labelled him of being a right-wing leader in Tamil Nadu, where supporters of Dravidian politics have always taken astance against religion and castes systems.

Rajinikanth introduced two men on Thursday as his confidants, one was RaArjunamurthy, who was the state president of the BJP intellectual cell until very recently. Also, Rajinikanth is an admirer of the late Cho Ramaswamy, an influential social critic known for leaning towards Hindutva ideology, and flaunts his cordial relationship with S Gurumurthy, an insider in the Sangh Parivar.

Those akin to him argue he isn’t an RSS supporter. However, unlike political leaders such as DMK chief M K Stalin or Kamal Haasan even, who are not religious and Left leaning, Rajinikanth was brought up in deeply religious surroundings in Karnataka. This is being accredited to his “spiritual” bearings.

Reason of Rajinikanth's Political Exit

Tamil actor Rajinikanth announced that he will not be launching a new political party to the service of Tamil nadu Peoples, citing his health and covid-19 as the reason for going back on the promise he made on the last day of 2017.