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TMC government kicks off a massive outreach drive to combat BJP’s game plan.

With an eye on the West Bengal assembly elections 2021, Mamta Banerjee led TMC government launched the “Duare Sarkar” Scheme which aims to highlight around a dozen government programmes while also seeking to get the vote from those who have been left out.

Mamta Banerjee's hard work a long time to win the trust of the people of Bengal. She is become a CM in single day. Mamta Banerjee did work hard to gain prominence in politics.

The campaigning for West Bengal assembly polls is taking its momentum up months before the elections, the Trinamool Congress (TMC)- led state government is launching one of its biggest outreach drives to connect with people who are on grassroots level over a period of two months. While the state administration officials have been directed to accentuate the Bangla Sahayata Kendra, which are a chain of centers at the rural level to provide information regarding the state government's schemes, camps would also be set up in every village and civic body in the state, from December 1 to January 28 to help people with various government facilities.

With the slogan 'jar jekhane darkar, asche apnar duare sarkar' (government will be at your doorsteps whenever you need it), the programme will be conducted for two months in four phases. The TMC government has deployed more than 6,800 people across 3,400 such centres to provide information to the people about government projects and facilities and help them access government schemes.

State BJP chief Dilip Ghosh, however, alleged that the TMC government kicked off its election campaign using public money:

"They are using public money for the election campaign. After 10 years, if the state government has to launch a campaign to ensure everybody gets the benefits, then the TMC leaders should be ashamed of themselves," Ghosh said.

The Bhartiya Janata Party is also planning an identical plan although the plan is to promote BJP, not government schemes, BJP has decided that Bengal would be divided into five organizational zones, each looked by a central leader with a proven track record of successfully conduction elections in other states, then the Central leaders in charge of the five organizational zones would hold meetings with the leadership in each district and submit status reports to the master political strategist of BJP Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Elections to the 294-member state assembly are due in April-May next year, with both the governments doing high octane campaigns in the state, people of the state will have the front row tickets of the game of elections happening between these two political regimes, on the one hand, there is a national champion who just won the Bihar elections (Bhartiya Janata Party) on the other hand there is two time champion of Bengal Elections the Trinamool Congress party.

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West Bengal Politics Overview

West Bengal Politics always revolves around a strong leader, no matter who is in power at the center. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy of the Congress, who was the Chief Minister of West Bengal from 1948 to 1962 after independence (after a short work by PC Ghosh). After that it was a PC. Sen 5 years. From 1967 to 1972, it was a chaotic period in West Bengal, where two coalition governments were formed and fell in a row.

The period from 1967 to 1972 was particularly trying, with the refugee crisis in Calcutta, the state turning under the influence of the Naxalite movement and the Bangladesh war. However, after a successful Bangladesh campaign, and especially in the strong Indira Gandhi wave, Siddhartha Shankar Ray became the next Chief Minister 5 years later. He was seen as the man who removed the Naxal threats in West Bengal. However, Jyoti Basu, who was leading the anti-Indira wave, defeated the Congress and became the Chief Minister of West Bengal in 1977. West Bengal has a huge personality again as it does not have a comparable political personality. Left front. In the aftermath of the Jyoti Basu regime, almost one person launched a protest against the Mamata Banerjee politically powerful Left Front from the Congress.

It took her almost 20 years to settle in the minds of the people of West Bengal as a loyal opponent of the Left rule. An incident took place in which she was seriously injured before many street protesters, especially Bengalis believed in ‘change’. They felt that Mamata Banerjee would fit in well with that change. The change she brought frustrated many middle class Bengalis. Peacekeepers suffered. She was accused of neglecting Muslims. Her street fighting personality went completely against the Bengali middle class ‘Bhadralok’ ethic. To top it all off, her party was corrupt in all senses of the word.

However, despite the above disadvantages, the people took her to power 5 years later (in large numbers). And the reason is the lack of a credible opposition personality. Unless the Congress and the BJP do not have a bright political personality, Roopa Ganguly will be able to elevate himself in the eyes of many Bengalis. Unlike the South Indians, the Bengalis knew where to draw the line until the cine celebrities left. The Left will have to seriously reinvent itself if it wants to come to power. It needs to connect with today’s youth, which requires serious introspection. The current Left leaders of West Bengal need to retire and bring in fresh leadership, the project will take more if not at least 10 years.

Mamata Banerjee is well aware that despite the misdeeds of her party, she is the only person with whom Bengalis are connected. Hence, before the state elections last year, TMC appealed to all voters to vote for him in all the constituencies where there is a candidate. And the Bengalis did that.

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