Where Does Your Allegiance lie? AIADMK members jump ship and join BJP

It is common for political members to switch parties before an election. Although when this happens with and alliance, there is likely to be some unrest. BJP has made AIADMK rather uncomfortable by strategically acquiring their support base.

Mr. M Govindan, AIADMK advocates wing’s former joint secretary along with many colleagues joins BJP, last month in Madurai during state president L Murgan’s visit to the temple city. M Govindan quoted “The AIADMK leaderships cowardliness is what made us keen to switch over to a stronger party”. This could just be the start of a political swirl with Rajinikanth’s factor mixed in this week. After Rajinikanth’s political party launches in January few more switchovers are expected from the main Dravidian parties, as most are looking forward to changes and the notion “spiritual politics” with the Actor behind the wheel.

M. Govindan was appointed as joint secretary of the AIADMK advocates wing in 2007 by former president J Jayalalithaa. Govindan said J Jayalalithaa was an epitome of courage “No one could beat her, and it was her spirit that made the party vibrant, but today its riddled with corruption, and cadres like me have no other option but to move on”.

It is quite a conundrum for the AIADMK. Its not only a display on the new leadership, but it also verifies apprehensions within the AIADMK about the BJP’s agenda to utilise its ally and to disrupt its voter based and eventually crack the Dravidian wall.

Some female members of the AIADMK too have switched their allegiance to BJP, like Chitra Pandi from the women’s wing as they see a “strong leadership in Modi and Shah”. When M Govinda pointed out that he will be working indirectly for the AIADMK in the ensuing elections, if the alliance between BJP and AIADMK continued for 2021 assembly election “Now we hope the BJP would win enough seats to take control of the AIADMK”. Building on that he said there are thousands of AIADMK cadres waiting to join the saffron party.

“Speaking in terms of growth, we are the number one party in Tamil Nadu” BJP state general secretary professor R Srinivasan said. “We are not trying to lure anyone. We (AIADMK and BJP) have an overlapping vote bank. On crucial issues, we have convergent point of views”. The AIADMK has been silent about the party member shifting their allegiance, the party leaders have tried to not entertain any of the BJP’s Hindutva programmes in Tamil Nadu.