Will the people of SimriBakhtiarpur honour the 'SON OF MALLAH'

Mukesh Sahni, popularly known as the ‘Son Of Mallah’ hit the headlines when he announced his decision to walk out of the MahaGathBandhan Alliance amid the joint Press Conference of the MahaGathbandhan alleging that the Leader Of Opposition, Shri Tejashwi Yadav had cheated him and his entire community by not fulfilling his demands to which he had earlier accepted. Mukesh Sahni apparently came on board with Mahagathbandhan after he was assured of 25 Assembly Seats and a Deputy CM Post for him but when the same was not announced in the Press Conference the Leader felt betrayed and walked out of the press conference and soon became a sensation.

Mukesh Sahni who started his political career campaigning for the BJP in the 2015 Bihar Assembly Election was soon called for a meeting with the BJP High Command in Delhi and within 24 Hours the “Son of Mallah” went back to the NDA fold and settled for 11 Assembly Seats.

As a part of the seat-sharing agreement, Mukesh Sahni’sVikasSheelInsaan Party or VIP got 11 seats including the SimriBakhtiarpur Seat of the Saharsa District, and the party president opted to contest from this seat. He started his campaign on a good note but unfortunately, he tested positive for COVID and this was not only a personal loss to him but also to all those candidates who were contesting on seats where Mallah Community is in a large number and a fiery speech from the ‘Son Of Mallah’ would have definitely been impactful.

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SimriBakhtiarpur is not new to the VIP as the party contested a bypoll from this seat in the year 2019 and finished 3rd with about ~25K votes polled in the favour of the party. In 2020 being a part of the NDA alliance Mukesh Sahni hoped for a cakewalk on this seat against RJD’s Yusuf Salahuddin but the entry of Sanjay Kumar Singh, a Rajput Candidate on LJP ticket became spoiler for the VIP President.

The consolidation of MY Votes are in favour of RJD along with Lovely Anand’s (a prominent Rajput Leader now in RJD) influence in the district has certainly gained some Rajput Voters in favour of the RJD. The NDA Candidate & VIP President Mukesh Sahni is an outsider to the constituency also LJP has given an Upper Caste Candidate’s option to the Upper Caste Voters who are not quite comfortable voting for the VIP Party. While Mukesh Sahni is not able to merge the upper caste vote bank of NDA, entry of LJP has also taken away the majority of Rajput & Paswan voters from him and his ill health has also not allowed him to convey his message to the voters which in turn is strengthning the opposition position in the election. It would be interesting to see how the voters of SimriBakhtiarpur will vote and would they honour the “Son OfMallah” on the 10Th of November.