Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Results

SEC Nimmagadda Rameshkumar said that the panchayat elections in Andhra Pradesh were held peacefully. About 90,000 government employees and 50,000 policemen were on duty. The SEC revealed that 80 percent of the people participated in the voting in each Phase.

Panchayat elections were held in all four phases. While there are 13,371 grama panchayats in the state, the State Election Commission has issued notifications to conduct elections in 13,097 grama panchayats in four phases combined.

For panchayat elections, The list of voters for January 1, 2019, has been finalized. Nota symbol is also being introduced in the panchayat elections this time. This is the final symbol on the ballot. The state election commission has already selected some of the symbols and sent them to the district. symbols 25 marks were selected for those contesting for Sarpanchi posts and 20 symbols for ward members. If there are more candidates then the Election Commission will take permission and assign some more symbols. According to Kovid, the Election Commission has decided to increase the polling time for the Panchayat elections. Polling on February 9,13,17,21 will start at 6.30 am and will continue till 3.30 pm, Election Commission Secretary Kannababu said. Polling staff Kovid took precautions during the panchayat election polling.

Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Results - Frist Phase

EtG Research is one of the best political survey website in India. We are conducting a survey of most of the people supporting the Ruling party. EtG Research gathers Political Information from the experiences of many political Experts and Peoples and provides it to all of you. The First Phase of the panchayat elections ended peacefully.

1. Election of ruling party fans as sarpanches in 81.25% of panchayats
2. 15.66 percent for TDP

In the first phase, the State Election Commission (SEC) issued notification of elections for 3,249 gram panchayat elections in 12 districts and 525 sarpanches were unanimously elected. It is noteworthy that 90% of them are YSRCP fans. Elections to 2,724 panchayats were to be held after the unanimity, with 2,721 polling taking place on Tuesday.

Polling did not take place in Srikakulam district as no one was nominated in a panchayat and people boycotted the election in a village in Nellore district. In East Godavari district, polling was halted due to a ballot box being picked up by a Sarpanch candidate. Elections / re-polls are to be held in these three panchayats. The results of the remaining 3,246 panchayats, including the consensus, were released on Wednesday morning. Including the consensus, 2,640 YSRCP fans were elected as Sarpanches. 81.25 percent of the panchayat administration was handed over by the people to the ruling party fans. In only 510 villages were TDP fans elected as serpents. That is, they are limited to 15.66 per cent panchayats. TDP fans are deeply disappointed with the negative results in the by-elections. Others got 96 panchayats.


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Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Results - 2nd Phase

The Second Phase of the panchayat elections ended peacefully. Elections will be held for 3,328 Gram panchayats in the second tranche. A total of 539 sarpanch positions were unanimous.

81% of the panchayats are owned by YSRCP. fans. The opposition TDP won only 16 per cent of the panchayats. Political sources commented that this was an extraordinary victory for the YSRCP. With the positive results of the panchayat elections, Josh has doubled in the YSRCP. The party says it is ready for the MPTC, ZPTC and municipal elections with the same momentum.

Beyond the Assembly elections in 2019, the panchayat results were in favor of the ruling party. In the past, there have been no instances where ruling party fans have won more than 60 per cent.

YSRCP fans won 2,640 for 3,249 panchayats in the first phase. The TDP win 509 panchayats. In the second phase, 2,649 (including unanimous votes) were cast for 3,328 panchayats (including Srikakulam, Nellore and Kurnool districts, three of which did not file nominations).

Second Phase Elections Conducted: 3328
1. YSRCP Win: 2649
2. TDP Win: 538
3. Jensena & BJP win: 40
4. Others Win: 98


Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Results - 3nd Phase

SEC Nimmagadda Rameshkumar expressed satisfaction over the third phase of the panchayat elections. He praised the participation of a large number of voters in various troubled areas and the ironing out of confidence in the democratic system.

In the third phase of the panchayat elections, 80.64 percent polling was recorded. Vizianagaram district topped the polls with 87.09 percent, Visakhapatnam had the lowest turnout at 69.28 percent. Polling is conducted for 2,640 panchayats in 13 districts. A total of 7,757 sarpanch candidates are in the fray. 43,162 are contesting for 19,553 wards.

1. Polling for 2,640 panchayats in 13 districts

2. Establishment of 26,851 polling stations

3. Polling will begin at 6.30 am

4. Polling ends at 1.30 pm in agency areas


Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Results - 4th Phase

Polling for the 2,743 sarpanch posts in the last phase of the panchayat election process continued from 6.30 am to 3.30 pm on Sunday. 7,475 candidates were contesting for the posts of Sarpanch in the respective Gram Panchayats. Out of the total 3,299 grama panchayats, notifications were issued for holding elections in this installment, of which 554 sarpanch posts were unanimous.

Unsurprisingly, the Janasena Party increased its voting percentage and surprised everyone. Proof of this is the victory of Janasena supporters in the four-phase panchayat elections

In the first three Phases, the voting percentage between 80 and 82 percent, while in the fourth phase, the voting percentage is 82.85 percent. Vijayanagaram district recorded the highest voting of 87.09 percent and Nellore district recorded the lowest voting of 76 percent. Panchayati Raj Commissioner Girija Shankar said 81.79 percent polling was recorded across the state in four phases combined.


Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Election Final Results (13,097)

YSRCP candidates win by 80 Percent of the 13,097 panchayat seats. In Frist, second, third, fourth phase election total win by 10,382 seats. 2019 results repeated again in the Panchayat elections. TDP sarpanch candidates win by 2,063, and others win by 475 seats in the panchayat election 2021.

Srikakulam: 1,166 (YSRC - 956, TDP - 185, Others - 18)

Vijayanagaram 955 (YSRC - 762, TDP - 150, Others - 33)

Visakhapatnam: 962 (YSRC - 734, TDP - 184, Others - 43)

East Godavari: 1,072 (YSRC - 768, TDP - 149, Others - 100)

West Godavari: 893 (YSRC - 644, TDP - 165, Others - 73)

Krishna: 958 (YSRC - 680, TDP - 168, Others - 64)

Guntur: 973 (YSRC - 744, TDP - 162, Others - 29)

Prakasham: 1,011 (YSRC - 837, TDP - 155, Others - 14)

Nellore: 935 (YSRC - 787, TDP - 128, Others -18)

YSR Kadapa: 793 (YSRC - 696, TDP - 71, Others - 24)

Kurnool: 970 (YSRC - 770, TDP - 173, Others - 26)

Ananthapuram: 1,040 (YSRC - 843, TDP - 175, Others - 13)

Chittoor: 1,369 (YSRC - 1,161, TDP - 188, Others - 20)


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